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How do I access the live feeds?

When you subscribe you will get an email containing your personal password, which is good for one device at a time. If you wish to login in  on an another device that is not an issue, but it will log out the current device.

You can access the feeds at on a computer, or via the Rdio Scanner mobile app for iPhone or Android.




Once on the app it will ask for a server, simply input and then enter your personal password.

Please note that Rdio Scanner is a 3rd party app, any in app purchases do not affect your 570FireRadio subscription.

Screenshot at Nov 24 14-33-18.png

How can I playback past calls?

By clicking the Search Call button at the bottom left of the main screen you can view previous calls within the past 7 days. Use the filters to search by time, county, or channel! You can click the download toggle to download audio files to your device instead of listening to them on the app.

Screenshot at Nov 24 14-35-49.png

How can I adjust what channels I hear in the live feed?

Press the SELECT TG button on the bottom right to view the list of all available channels, turn on/off the channels you wish to hear by pressing the respective button.

Screenshot at Nov 24 14-42-16.png
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